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AGRP is the rental power division of Aksa Power Generation Ltd Company. AGRP provides cost efficient reliable, world-branded Diesel red power modules, on a fast track basis, to any location in the world based on short-mid or long term lease contracts, with in 1 MW to 1000 MW power range. Aksa Power Generation Ltd is the biggest reputable private energy producer and generator manufacturer in Turkey since 1984. With its 2500 MW nationwide installed power generating capacity, Aksa currently providing sale and after sale services in 173 countries worldwide. As AGRP we would be pleased to introduce and oer, our state of the art technology and industryleading expertise to provide utility and industrial customers with interim, fuel efficient, customized turnkey power plants that can be rapidly deployed and commissioned. AGRP – Aksa Global Rental Power is a leading fast track power company that provides turn-key power solutions from 1MW to 150 MW over 10 years . From remote, small, temporary site power to base load multi megawatt power generation stations for utility power grids, we provide complete, customised and cost e_ective power generation solutions.

Our company vision is to provide most eective, economic reliable and green power needs with high engineering and security standards. As AGRP Our commitments are Quality, Reliability and Availability regardless to operating locations and conditions. We believe everyone deserves the best.

• Flexible capacity
• Flexible fuels
• Global fast deployment and response
• Minimized capital expenditure
• Reliability and safety Aksa Power Generation ltd is the parent company of AGRP and manufactures gasoline, diesel, natural gas and marine power generating sets, sound proof canopies, lighting towers and generator hardware in its worldwide manufacturing facilities located in Istanbul TURKEY , Changzhou CHINA and Louisiana USA. Aksa Power Generation rightfully proud of being one of the biggest power generating sets manufacturer in the world since 1984 with the total amount of 40,000 high quality generator sets ranging from 1 kVA to 3000 kVA manufactured annually. Aksa has ISO9001 ISO14001 OHSAS18001 UL and CE standards for all its production line. Aksa Power Generation has opened one of the largest genset factories in the world in May 2012. Aksa has secured its place among the biggest genset companies in global market with its new 100,000 m² factory in China. The new factory will be producing 24,000 units of diesel gensets annually. In addition, it has 16 test rooms which are equipped with the latest technology and have totally 25 MVA test capacity.