The Twin Power series offers twice the energy and confidence of a standard single generator.

The new Twin Power Series Generators offer you solutions for the energy you need, with the power requirement that they can provide for 24/7 energy needs or many other different load applications such as variable load applications.

The new Twin Power Series offers flexibility and performance like never before. With two gensets under one hood, it gives you twice the backup and reliability. The two engines work, in synchronization and back2back mode, which ensures the 24/7 power supply. The centralized control and monitoring system enables easy startup and commissioning. The best part of it all: One of the best parts of the new series is that it can provide the customer with savings in total investment and operating cost benefits.

AKSA Twin power packs are widely accepted by different industries.

Twin Power Series offers solutions for use in many different sectors such as hospitals, airports, banks, data centers, as well as many other areas with more critical importance, such as construction sites outside the city center, agricultural areas, oil and gas deposits, where the main electricity network is far away.