A New Era at Aksa Power Generation


Aksa Power Generation, the leading brand of the power generation industry, underwent an organizational restructuring to align with the evolving market trends. The new organizational structure is centered on the Board of Directors.

New appointments:
Rıdvan Özer - General Manager, Sales & Marketing   
Nazmi Atalay - General Manager Operations 

Aksa Power Generation (Aksa) is ranked amongst the world’s top five power generation manufacturers with operations in 170 countries including the Americas, Asia and Africa.  The group’s achievements and prominence in the world stage is improved with three distinguished manufacturing sites around the world.  While acknowledging the changing modalities of economies, the organization decided to restructure its top management to reflect the challenging needs and aspirations for the future.  
In the new management, Rıdvan Özer will serve as General Manager – Sales and Marketing, while Nazmi Atalay as General Manager - Operations in charge of Global Production and Services. Together with Chief Financial Officer Şevket Hakan Özgüler all will report directly to the Executive Board. With our renewed structural changes, all business units at Aksa continue its global operations with determined efficiency tailored towards achieving the needs of our global customers.
Consolidating our position among the top five global manufacturers
Necati Baykal, Chairman of Aksa Power Generation, has re-iterated, Aksa is designed for top three rankings of worldwide manufacturer by 2025, noticing that the new structure was presented as a feature for the organization's development strategy. 'Our Management’s approach is to accomplish steady development by fortifying our solid worldwide position with capacity to see clients engaged and creative methodologies from different perspective. We will embrace an increasingly visionary viewpoint as a feature of our new structured organization and step toward our objective of turning into a progressively dynamic player and imaginative brand in worldwide markets. We will combine our position among the main five worldwide force generator producers through new partnership and associations including new investments, particularly in Asia Pacific markets, Africa, Americas, and India. Our new and dynamic administration structure will empower us to keep on extending relentlessly in the coming time frame."
Powering mega projects
Aksa Power Generation currently operates with three dynamic manufacturing sites, with 19 offices and 4 representative offices in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, exports accounts 65% of total revenue in 2019.
In addition to supplying a 90MW power generator for the IGA project in Turkey, Aksa Power Generation has also been a part of several international mega projects including the Kotoka Airport in Ghana, the Ashgabat Olympic Complex, and most recently the 10MW power plant project in the Republic of Vanuatu, a tourism paradise in Oceania. Aksa will continue to develop and manufacture innovative products to meet the requirements of different markets and industries.  The organization’s investment in R&D, a further testament of innovation; produced the first power generator that starts a system in only eight seconds.
New management focused on growth
Rıdvan Özer, General Manager – Sales and Marketing, will bring momentum to Aksa’s global sales with more than 20 years of experience in the power generation industry. Rıdvan Özer, a graduate of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Yıldız Technical University, one of the top Turkish universities, started his career in the power generation industry when he joined Borusan Power Systems Caterpillar in 1997. After 15 years at Borusan Power Systems Caterpillar serving at various sales management positions, he started up the Turkey operation of Aggreko, a world leader in power rental solutions, and worked at the company for seven years as general manager in a number of countries.
As part of the new organizational structuring, Nazmi Atalay, who has served Aksa for nearly 30 years and played an active role in the company's operational growth, is appointed as General Manager – Operations. Atalay graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department at Yıldız Technical University in 1990. After completing the Business Specialization Program at Istanbul University School of Business, Institute of Business Administration, Atalay started his professional career and went on to serve in various positions including sales engineer, regional manager, general manager, board member and VP - sales and marketing in Aksa’s local and international locations and the head office.